Melody & Cole - Highlight Film - Na Aina Kai Botanical Garden, Kauai

Boy, oh boy did we love spending time on Kauai with Melody and Cole! The bride and groom were such happy, spirited, and loving people. Their friends and family ready to celebrate by having a beautiful ceremony and reception party at the Na Aina Kai Botanical Garden, a hidden gem on Kauai's east side that lends itself easily to dramatic images — especially the rows and rows of hardwood trees that make this one of Hawaii's most magical locations to exchange wedding vows. We can't wait to return to Kauai! 

But let's get back to Melody and Cole. Two beautiful people, deeply in love, surrounded by family and friends who couldn't be more excited to share in this special moment. Actually, there were many special moments — one of our favorites was the first dance under the white canopy. Cole and Melody couldn't look more radiant and happy here.  

A few other things we really enjoyed about this wedding: the dozens of Instax photos added a cute, personal touch; the ceremony location and its rows of trees; the drone shots we captured at the beach as the sun set; and the great, big smiles Melody and Cole wore all day. 

We hope you enjoy the film. Watch more of our latest wedding films.

Coordinator: Legacy Events Kauai
Photographer: Sea Light Studios

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Roger Bong